Presentation guidelines

Instructions for Oral Presentations

  • The time-slot for each presentation is 25 minutes. Please time your talk for 18 minutes, which will allow 6 minutes for questions and discussion and 1 minute for presenter change-over. The room is equipped with a PC. We warmly suggest you to come with your presentation on a USB key (PPT or PDF), and before each session begins, be sure to save it on the computer provided.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

  • The poster session will take place on Friday the 29th of June from 15.55 to 16.55. We recommend a poster size of 90 cm high and 65 cm wide. The posters should be put up at the end of the lunch break. Poster boards have poster numbers, which correspond with the poster numbers in the scientific program. Please, take your poster down at the end of the poster session.

Instructions for Symposium

  • Specific instruction will be given to the speakers by the proponent of the symposium.