Abstact Submission

Deadline for submitting a proposal of an oral presentation, a symposium, or a poster is February 28, 2018.
The conference is supposed to offer the opportunity to present results of empirical research on intellectual and developmental disabilities. The presentations should also relate to issues of psychological and/or educational application.

A proposal should include:

  • Title of the contribution
  • ŸFull first name(s) and family name(s), address (institution, city, country), email addresses of contributors
  • ŸPreference for a paper or a poster presentation
  • ŸA short abstract of 250 – 300 words
  • ŸAn extended summary of 750 – 1,000 words, describing in detail the aims (purpose of the study and the hypotheses), methods (setting, participants, intervention, type of statistical analysis), findings of the study (including statistical significance), conclusions (discussion of the data)
  • ŸTwo or three keywords

All proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and may be selected for either oral or poster presentation.
Proposals should be typed in Times New Roman 12 pts, single-spaced. The left margin should be 3 cm, the right margin 2 cm. Page numbers or tabulators should not be used.
Researchers who work on a similar topic are invited to submit a proposal for a symposium. Each symposium consists of an introduction of the topic, four presentations and a general discussion.
Please submit your proposal as an attached email document to the following email-address: ecidd.dpss@unipd.it