Aims and contents

The goal of the 5-day program is to provide participants with a multidisciplinary perspective on how competitive and cooperative behaviors are shaped by socioeconomic factors.

In addition, through the interactive seminars, the Winter School aims at creating the basis for new collaborations amongst participants, allowing to implement innovative strategies for research, dissemination and policy change. A reflection on how to translate research findings in interventions aimed at promoting cooperation at the community level will be stimulated by the Co-Founder and developer of “We App Heroes” (geolocalization-based mobile application facilitating help exchange between strangers), who will present the potentials of the application to foster trust and social cohesion.

International speakers and research topics:

- Paul Piff (Department of Psychology and Social Behavior- University of California, Irvine), who is going to present his work on the Psychology of Social Class in relation to unethical and prosocial behavior;

- Eric Knowles (Department of Psychology - New York University - NYU, New York), who is going to present his work on the social-cognitive consequences of privilege and social class;

- Ilana Ritov (School of Education/Center for the Study of Rationality - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), who is going to present her work on the cognitive basis of prosocial and dishonest  behavior;

- Dr. Inga Jonaityte (University of Venice, expert in experimental economics), who will be in charge of coordinating interactive seminars and group projects on how to plan and implement economic experiments;

- Dr. Valentina Hernandez (Sunscious CEO & Co-Founder, developer of “We App Heroes” and TEDx speaker), who is going to present the potentials of “We App Heroes”, a geolocalization-based mobile application facilitating help exchange between strangers.,


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