Narrative comprehension and production in children with typical and atypical development

Successful comprehension and production of narratives is a higher-level linguistic ability that represents a crucial competence for the development of academic skills. Narrative competence is a complex and multi-component cognitive and linguistic skill. Research of narrative development of children with typical language development and children showing an atypical linguistic trajectory (bilingual children, children with specific language impairment, children with Down syndrome) was conducted. As different cognitive and linguistic components play a role in narrative competence the research activity included the assessment of both linguistic abilities (namely phonology, vocabulary, morphosyntax) and the role of working memory, metacognition, inferential skills and intelligence in narrative competence. The interest for this research field is both theoretical and practical: defining different cognitive and linguistic profiles underlying narrative competence in various atypical populations allows for identification of areas of strength and areas of weakness which also may provide directions for clinical and educational interventions. Recently it was developed and validated an intervention training for the improvement of text comprehension of 5 years old typically developing children

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