Past international guests


Prof. David Lewkowicz
When: 14 October – 14 November, 2019
Where: Visiting Scholar Office, Via Venezia 8, 1st floor
Dr. Lewkowicz received his PhD at the City University of New York and is currently a Senior Scientist at Haskins Laboratories in New Haven, Connecticut, an institute devoted to the study of speech and language and affiliated with Yale University and the University of Connecticut. Prior to joining Haskins this summer, Dr. Lewkowicz was a Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at Northeastern University in Boston where he directed the Communication Development Laboratory. Dr. Lewkowicz has been recognized for his contributions to developmental science and psychology with election as a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, a fellow of the American Psychological Association, and President of the International Congress on Infant Studies. His main research interests have been and continue to be the development of multisensory perception in infancy and beyond, the development of attention, and most recently the development of speech and language.

Prof. Troy Beckert
When: 04 June – 04 July, 2019
Where: Visiting Scholar Office, Via Venezia 8, 1st floor
Current position: Full Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Utah State University (US)
Background: Troy Beckert’s research interests are focused in adolescents and their families shape a primarily quantitative research concentration on intergenerational learning and adolescent psychosocial development. Presently his research projects revolve around the influence of external factors, such as culture and technology, on family relationships and adolescent psychosocial development, centering around cognitive autonomy.
Prof. Beckert is involved in collaborative research consortia. He is the co-director of the Applied Research Lab in Lifespan Development at Utah State University; a research lab dedicated to mentoring young scholars in research involving issues across the lifespan. He is also involved in several international collaborations in Northern Italy.
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Prof. Carsten Elbro
When: 21 May – 22 June, 2019
Where: Visiting Scholar Office, Via Venezia 8, 1st floor
Current position: Professor, Department of Nordic Studies andLinguistics, University of Copenhagen
Background: Carsten Elbro's main research areas are reading and reading difficulties, including dyslexia and specific comprehension difficulties. He also works on the development of methods in applied psycholinguistics.
Prof. Elbro is a member of the editorial board of Scientific Studies of Reading, he is on the scientific advisory board of the International Dyslexia Association, and co-editor of Målog Mæle “Language and Speech”.
He is the founder of Centre for Reading Research at the University of Copenhagen, and Dansk Videnscenter for Ordblindhed “The Danish Dyslexia Information Centre”.
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Prof. Minoru Karasawa
When: March 18 - 26, 2019
WhereVisiting Scholar Office, Via Venezia 8, 1st floor
Current position: Professor of the Department of Psychological & Cognitive Sciences, Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University (Nagoya, Japan)
Background: Minoru Karasawa is a social psychologist with main expertise in social cognition. His research interests cover a wide variety of areas, including (1) cognitive, affective, and cultural bases of moral judgments, (2) how ordinary people construct judgments about legally relevant aspects of other people’s acts such as their intentionality, responsibility, and culpability; (3) ideological nature of nationalism, patriotism, and internationalism, specifically among Japanese citizens; (4) stereotypes and prejudices against social minorities, and the political significance of those biased beliefs; (5) the role of language and communication that serve as bases of collectively shared beliefs such as stereotypes and international attitudes. Dr. Karasawa’s lab emphasizes diversity in its members’ cultural background, and the list of current members include international students from different counties such as Brazil, China, India, South Korea, and Spain, along with a visiting scholar from the U.S.
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Dr. Chiara Nosarti
When: November 27 -  December 14, 2018
Where: Babylab - Gruppi di ricerca sulle abilità cognitive, sociali e relazionali nella primissima infanzia
Current position: Reader of Neurodevelopment & Mental Health, at the King’s College of London (UK)
Background: Chiara Nosarti is a cognitive neuropsychologist with expertise in developmental cognitive neuroscience. Her research focuses on the study of neurodevelopmental outcomes following very preterm birth and on the mechanisms associated with vulnerability to develop cognitive and behavioral problems, as well as those associated with resilience, using multimodal neuroimaging. A current research interest is the application of cognitive training programmes and the study of training-induced neuroplasticity. Dr Nosarti has published extensively in these areas and has served as Principal Investigator on various studies supported by the March of Dimes and the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (US), the Medical Research Council, the National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Center for Mental Health, Cerebra and Newlife Foundation (UK).
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Prof. Ivar Braten
When: September 24 - October 24, 2018
Where: EdPsy-Lab - The Educational Psychology Lab
Current position: Professor of Educational Psychology, at the University of Oslo (Norway)
Background: Ivar Braten, PhD, received his doctorate in 1990 from the University of Oslo. He has been visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Austin (USA), Northern Illinois University (USA), University of Valencia (Spain), University of Poitiers (France), and Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). He has been a member of the International Reading Literacy Expert Group for PISA 2018 (2014-2017). He is the P.I. of the project “Critical Reading and Learning in the 21st Century” at the University of Oslo (sponsors: University of Oslo, USD 22,000; Norwegian Research Council, USD 1,500,000). He serves several major international journal as editorial board member. His main current research interest regards the role of individual differences (cognitive and motivational) and contextual factors (task and reading material characteristics) in reading and learning from conflicting information sources in the Internet era. He has supervised around seventy graduate students (MA and PhD) with completed theses and has been the advisor of 5 post-doctoral fellows. Four PhD students are currently supervised by him. He is the author of more 300 publications, including nine authored or edited books, approximately 130 international peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, approximately 125 refereed papers presented at international conferences, and more than 75 publications in Norwegian. His publications are co-authored with more than 50 different scholars from 9 different countries.
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Prof. Margaret Semrud-Clikeman
When: September 17 - October 15, 2018
Where: DD-Lab - Developmental Disorders and Difficulties Lab
Current position: Professor, Department of Pediatrics, at the University of Minnesota (US)
Background: Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, PhD, received her doctorate from the University of Georgia in 1990. She completed and internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical school (MGH) and received a post-doctoral neuroscience fellowship at MGH from NIH to study neuropsychological and brain morphology in children with ADHD. Her dissertation was awarded the Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award from the Orton Dyslexia Society. With Dr. Plisza at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Margaret was awarded an NIH Grant to study the effects of stimulant medication on neuropsychological and neuroimaging functioning. Dr. Semrud-Clikeman and her students have also developed a social competence intervention program that has been successfully used in Texas as well as in many other States in the US. She was awarded the 1999 Early Career Contributions from the National Academy of Neuropsychology and was awarded fellowship status in that organization.
Her article on neuroimaging and ADHD was awarded the best by the Society for the Study of ADHD in 2015.
She has authored seven books and over 120 articles and continues her research interests in the areas of ADHD and brain morphology using 3-dimensional MRI scans. She has also made over 200 presentations at National and International Conferences as well as invited workshops in Singapore, Amsterdam, Macao, and Vancouver (British Columbia). She is currently working on research in ADHD, Nonverbal learning disabilities, and cerebral malaria in Africa. She and her collaborator have been awarded a large grant form NIH to study the effects of cerebral malaria in young children in Uganda. Current findings are of neuropsychological deficits in a significant minority of children who recover from cerebral malaria including seizure disorders as well as attention and memory problems. This work is continuing under the sponsorship of the National Institutes of Health.
Dr. Semrud-Clikeman holds the rank of Professor of Pediatrics and is the Division Director of Clinical Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota where she supervises doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows in neuropsychology at medical school as well as manages the neuropsychology, pediatric psychology, and Autism and Neurodevelopmental disorders clinics.
She is dedicated to teaching developing neuropsychologists and junior faculty to develop to their fullest potential.
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Prof. Paul A. M. Van Lange
When: November 1st-24th 2017
: Visiting Scholar Office, Via Venezia 8, 3rd floor
Current position:
 Professor in Social Psychology and Head of the Section of Social and Organizational  Psychology at the VU University at Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
: Van Lange received his PhD at the University of Groningen (1991), works at the VU University since 1990 (Professor, as of 2000), and recently was appointed distinguished research fellow at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and awarded membership of the Royal Netherlands Society of Arts and Sciences. Most of his publications address human cooperation and social dilemmas, including generosity, forgiveness, trust, and altruism, as well as retaliation, corruption, and norm violation, along with beliefs about human nature and perceived superiority. He adopts an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on psychology, evolution, and economic decision making, and uses a variety of methodologies, including cognitive, affective, neurological, and behavioral measures. Over the years, his research is supported by grants from agencies such as N.W.O., Chinese Science Foundation, German Science Foundation, Finnish Science Foundation, Swiss Science Foundation, Templeton Foundation, and the European Community. His most recent award is the Kurt Lewin Medal (2014), a prestigious mid-career award from the European Association of Social Psychology. His publications receive good scientific attention (H-index = 60 in Google Scholar, H-index = 35 in Web of Science).
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