Housing and Canteen facilities


Unipd students can find accommodation at residences, colleges, apartments and establishments holding agreements with the University. Many accommodations are reserved to international students, for which there is also an International Housing Office.
The Housing Office of the University of Padua aims at supporting international students who comes to Padua for a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme with a wide array of services, such as:
> orientation in the private accommodation market;
> English translation of the contracts and explanation of their content;
> help in finding suitable accommodation, according to individual needs;
> support in dealing with accommodation paperwork (declaration of hospitality, tenancy agreement, etc.).

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University canteens are located near University buildings or in the city centre.
The Nord Piovego canteen is the closest to the School of Psychology, and is accessed by lungargine Piovego, viale Giuseppe Colombo 1.
Lunch time 11.00 am- 2.00 pm; dinner time 7 pm – 9 pm.

For further information on University canteens, prices, and discounts please visit this page.