Mario Liotti

Full professor

Address: Via Venezia, 8 - Padova - room 01 005

Telephone: 0498276164

E-mail: mario.liotti@unipd.it

Keywords: integration of behavioural measures, EEG and fMRI to study: 1) The influence of Emotion and Affect on Cognitive Processing, particularly Executive Function (EF); 2) Normal and Abnormal development of EF in specific developmental disorders; 3) Neurocognitive markers in neuropsychiatry, particularly Depression and Anxiety disorders.

Research questions: Identify neurocognitive biomarkers of developmental disorders with overlapping symptoms such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, NonVerbal Disorder, ADHD, etc with an integration of behavioural measures, EEG, fNIRS and neurostimulation

Publications: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=vTMHWiUAAAAJ&hl=en