Eye-tracking laboratory

The eye-tracking laboratory is provided with two PCs (one laptop) and with one Tobii T120 (Tobii Technology, Stockholm, Sweden). This tool is an infrared video-based tracking system combined with hyperacuity image processing. Tobii T120 is integrated into a 17-inch TFT monitor with a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. There are five near-infrared light emitting diodes (NIR-LEDs) and a high-resolution camera with a charge couple device (CCD) sensor. The camera samples pupil location and pupil size at the rate of 120 Hz. The laptop on which is installed the Tobii Studio 2.2 (Tobii Technology, Stockholm, Sweden) software controls Tobii T120 and it stores the ocular movements raw data. A larger "track box", the Tobii T120, allows the user more freedom of head movement and greater comfort. Moreover, recently a Tobii T120 portable version has been purchased. The aim was to allow data collection straight at school in a context of collaboration between the University of Padova and the primary and secondary school.